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13, [prose poetry]

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17/04/2019 a las 09:05:59
13, [prose poetry] April day, the brave man's courage Henan Nanyang Oilfield Training Center []Newport Coupons For Cartons[/url], Xue Hongwen, 2017.4.9 April day, the weather suddenly fell into the cold of the north wind []Newport Cartons For Sale[/url], the cold air flew, spring suddenly fell Gradually rising body temperature, the sky is gray, and people can't afford the spirit. The spirit of the spirit is also cracked, and some dull emotions suddenly floated up at noon. I wrote a [prose poem] spring heart, and the rain flew. After writing, I listened quietly to the sound of the cracks between the words. The sound was sometimes grand, sometimes the flowers fell like rain, sometimes the spring funeral flowers, sometimes the spring surge, and sometimes the infinite impact sound. I heard the sound of Tianyu's monsoon, and the taste bud after the thrilling spring thunder swelled on the tip of my tongue. Zhou Wei, the last day, I sat alone in the quiet yard and spent the night quiet. It was the dampness of the rain, the wetness, and the faintness of the day. The gray and foggy rain, oh, the portrait is a poor sleeping insect, ah, all day. Leaning against the window, I used to sneak into the dilapidated window and explore the scenery above the foot, the sky, the fields, the distant mountains, and the river. Hi! Narrow and small windows, I saw what was the cry of the water on the ground, flew through the tears, gathered pain, and broke the body. It looked like a cluster of bright flowers, flashing, flashing. . It is courage. It is a flower that creeps on the ground. It is the water of the thousands of flowers. It is shouting loudly in the flywheel of the Coach; the resurrection of the flashing light, the waterfall that rises like the ground. Silver flowers, like the ground, are like the ground shining for shouting, like the weak force that is deposited on the bottom of the bottom. The courtyard of this day, quiet in the clouds of darkness []Marlboro Regular Cigarettes[/url], the black powers of the sky, the violent violence, the murder of the spring sun and the hustle and bustle, I saw the black cloud, the face of the layer cake. At the bottom is the ghostly beasts, sometimes floating in a lot, sometimes scattered into small groups, sometimes not seen, sometimes giving sharp corners; the strange shadows of these beasts, it is estimated that black is not the sky []Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], the most important thing is that The gray above the black cloud, thin, you can't see the shape, you can't see the shadow, just the gray. For example, the fog blown by the dust on the ground flutters to the ground; if the demon casts a spell, it covers the sky and avoids the sky, and only sees the fog; it is also like the ancient mythology, the enchanting chaos, the gloomy and the human being; also like the demon education, Huang Chenfei Flying, riding a cockroach, riding a fly, waving a knife and gun, controlled a sky. This day! The sound of bursting, the sound of rain, like the cracked sound in my word, the brave man dares to tear open the silence, dare to crack the sound, find a gap in the spectacle lens, find a beam of light in the gap, flame my in the light Life, at the end of life, breathes out a voice that is not buried. Brave! As Lu Xun said []Newport Online Cigarettes[/url], murder is not enough, and the thief is abominable. And as I said today, the sun is not murderable, and it is a must to fight against the black. I wrote a word that no one dared to write. The brave man walked in the rain, squatting in the rain, walking on the mud road, visiting on the heart window, shouting in courage, and dying a warrior title.
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