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ings with a cropped T-shirt and an

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11/01/2019 a las 04:17:06
This is not to say that all eclectic sweaters are bad—that’s definitely not true. Just look at the work of designers Coogi, Kenzo, and Kansai Yamamoto, three famous lines " title="Nike Air Max 95 Mens">Nike Air Max 95 Mens that have all successfully crafted outrageous sweaters without insulting the people who wear them. Designer sweaters may be expensive, but if you get one on eBay or at a used clothing store, they can often be " title="Adidas Superstar Womens">Adidas Superstar Womens found for less than brand-new, poorly made crap—and they’ll last forever.You shouldn’t need a guide to explain the " title="Nike Air Max 90 Femme">Nike Air Max 90 Femme difference between a Walter Van Bierendonck sweater and one with Donald Trump saying “yuge.” If this is an issue of cost: Tipsy Elves sweaters are priced around $60, and as someone who virtually " title="">> only buys designer clothing used, I promise you that you can find something vastly superior within the same price range: You an even get a Kenzo " title="Nike Roshe Run Donne">Nike Roshe Run Donne x H&M collaboration sweater for prices closer to what most people like to spend.

There is nothing wrong with a classical knit holiday sweater, either. One need only look toward " title="Nike Air Max 270 Womens">Nike Air Max 270 Womens one patron saint of alt-cum-pop style, Seth Cohen of The O.C., to see someone who deftly incorporated a fondness for festive sweaters of yore into his outfits. Cohen was a ham for kitsch and obsessed with " title="">> the holiday season. His use of the “ugly Christmas sweater” wasn’t offensive and corporate, it was droll and sincere—part of " title="Nike Air VaporMax Dames">Nike Air VaporMax Dames his actual identity.Neither traditional holiday sweaters nor eccentric bulky sweaters covered in wild prints betray the people who wear them—they can communicate something more specialized " title="Adidas Ultra Boost Womens">Adidas Ultra Boost Womens for their wearers. On the other hand, ironic sweaters only care about themselves.I understand that not all people care about clothes, nor take " title="Nike Air Max 2017 Donne">Nike Air Max 2017 Donne themselves too seriously. But festivity and humor in fashion should complement " title="Nike Air Presto Femme">Nike Air Presto Femme you, not degrade you and make you look like a consumerism—to exchanging your individuality for " title="Adidas ZX 750 Femme">Adidas ZX 750 Femme a symbol of creativity that is, ironically, generic.

Welcome to Fashionating, a column on scathing fashion truths you may not be ready to hear.I became acutely aware that leggings were possibly the " title="Nike Air Max 90 Mujer">Nike Air Max 90 Mujer most misunderstood garment in high school, when I heard people idiotically recite the same clichéd opinion ad nauseum: I hate when " title="Nike Air Max 1 Femme">Nike Air Max 1 Femme people wear leggings as pants. This line has been repeated ever since then throughout my social experiences, alongside similar criticisms and questions like, Can you wear leggings as pants? " title="Nike Air Max 270 Mujer">Nike Air Max 270 Mujer And the like. Many people are hell-bent on asserting the fiction that leggings are not, in fact, pants. If that sounds reasonable to you, it is because you have been brainwashed to believe it. Though this widespread " title="Nike Air Max 97 Womens">Nike Air Max 97 Womens attack on leggings may seem benign, it actually represents a disgusting project to gaslight women into " title="Adidas NMD Femme">Adidas NMD Femme doubting a reality that is self-evident: Leggings are pants.Imagine a high-waisted (obviously) pair of leggings with a cropped T-shirt and an oversized blazer, your hair in a messy top knot. Now, imagine " title="Adidas ZX 750 Dames">Adidas ZX 750 Dames someone questioning whether or not you are wearing pants in this outfit. It is mind-boggling, and yet, is asked of women in leggings " title="">> all the time.
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