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Recently, I went

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17/04/2019 a las 09:06:19
Recently, I went to the countryside to interview, bathed all the way to the spring, and watched the spring of the world []Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]. I heard the beeping butterfly dance and enjoyed the pink and green. The apricot blossoms and pear blossoms outside the door of the household opened, and the peach blossoms on the roadside were whispered, the fragrant scent of the yard sprouted, and the branches of the willows slammed... a good rural spring, a beautiful rural spring landscape. I and my men and women are constantly identifying the buds of various trees, arguing about the flowers that bloom, and the joy of spring is in my heart. Into the spring, Ren Bingchun breeze, let the bright spring shine, I have been immersed in the beautiful spring. At this time, I can't help but think, where is the beauty of spring? In the meditation, I finally found the answer. Spring came from the cold and freezing winter, which brought warmth to people. Compared with winter, it is warm and harmonious; spring has to bring the spring breeze to the hot summer. Compared with the summer, it is refreshing and suitable; in the spring of spring, after a hot summer, it goes to the autumn of "the autumn wind sweeps the leaves". Compared with autumn, it is spring. Therefore, I want to say that the most beautiful seasons are in spring and spring is the most beautiful in April. The beauty of spring is in the courtyard []Marlboro Wholesale Price[/url], and you can enjoy the spring of the garden without leaving the house. Under the breeze of the spring, the leaves are green and the flowers are fragrant. The spring leaves are from the initial green, to the verdant green, to the bright green, and finally to the emerald green. The green leaves are filled with the attention of the family, which has caused many beautiful dreams of the family, and the life is changing with the changing spring and green. power. The spring flowers are filled with a smile from the beginning, a gentle smile when they are slightly open, a hearty smile when they are half open, and a big laugh when they are in full bloom. The flowers continually scented the fragrance, poured the fragrance of the courtyard, and people were immersed in the fragrance of the courtyard. The beauty of spring is in the fields. Walking into the fields, you will be dumped by the beautiful scenery in front of you, and the vast fields will be full of vitality and vitality. In the orchard, apple trees and pear trees are blooming with white flowers, just like walking into the ocean of flowers; a peach tree and a cherry tree are blooming with red flowers, just like walking into the world of safflower, peach blossom, Cherry flowers opened a beautiful smile, warmly greeted people, greeted people's embraces, and accepted people's review. The leeks, bitter herbs, leeks, and artemisia in the fields are green. The green of the pieces is the spring of the pieces. The green of the wild vegetables is infused with the nourishment of spring, delighting people's eyes, screaming the taste buds of people, evoking The desire of people to dig wild vegetables in spring. There is another landscape in the spring fields. It is a scene of busy spring ploughing by the people. One of the ploughs shovel turns over the soil, awakening the warmth of a quiet winter, exuding the fresh fragrance of spring. The spring light is like a star. The blink of an eye is shining, and sometimes the sound of the grazing cows is heard. The sound of "����" resounds through the vast sky, resounding through the vast land, and the "whistling" whiplash, the farming people "ah, ah The screaming voice constitutes a beautiful rhythm, like a spring plucking chorus. Look at the farmer of the palm plough, the farmer woman holding the cow, and the ploughing cow that slowly pulls the plough. It is hope that the ploughing of the spring is the dream of the people. The story of the spring is planted. The story is beautiful. In the autumn, the beautiful ending is seen. The beauty of spring is on the hills. Walking into the embrace of Dashan []Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping[/url], close to nature, you will find that the spring mountain is another landscape, frozen a winter grass to return to green, bringing vitality to the mountain, camellia and acacia flowers in the mountains The small tree sprouted, colorful, and colorful, bringing vitality to the mountain. Taking advantage of the breath of spring, through the charm of the mountains, people go hiking, go green, enjoy the joy of spring mountaineering and greening. Listen to the sound of the mountain creek "����", listen to the pheasant, spotted pheasant and other wild birds screaming, watching the mountains and green forests, enjoying the mountains and flowers, the mood is very good. Standing back to the heights, the high hills, the verdant trees, the vast fields, the beautiful villages, the smoky smoke, constitute a beautiful picture, and the mountains are beautifully dressed. This is the hills of spring []Cigarette Cartons Wholesale[/url], we Awkward and yearning. The beauty of spring is still beautiful in the rivers, the snow in the winter melts, the frozen rivers are resurrected, and the flowing water sings the songs of spring; the beauty of spring is still beautiful in the countryside, and the people of the cat winter are out of the outdoors. Spring has made the country smart; spring has awakened livestock and poultry, chickens are squeaking, shit is hot, and the countryside is full of spring. In fact, all of this is a kind of mood. The beauty of spring is in people's hearts. Some people look forward to spring before the arrival of spring. Some people bless spring in spring, some people sing spring in spring, some people Enjoy the spring in the spring, some people are directly drunk in the spring to praise the beauty of spring, we must experience and feel the beauty of spring, we must enter the spring, embrace the nature of spring, let the beautiful spring please our hearts To enhance our physical fitness []Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes[/url].
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